The libseccomp golang bindings repository
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libseccomp-golang: Go Language Bindings for the libseccomp Project

The libseccomp library provides an easy to use, platform independent, interface
to the Linux Kernel's syscall filtering mechanism.  The libseccomp API is
designed to abstract away the underlying BPF based syscall filter language and
present a more conventional function-call based filtering interface that should
be familiar to, and easily adopted by, application developers.

The libseccomp-golang library provides a Go based interface to the libseccomp

* Online Resources

The library source repository currently lives on GitHub at the following URLs:


The project mailing list is currently hosted on Google Groups at the URL below,
please note that a Google account is not required to subscribe to the mailing


Documentation is also available at:


* Installing the package

The libseccomp-golang bindings require at least Go v1.2.1 and GCC v4.8.4;
earlier versions may yield unpredictable results.  If you meet these
requirements you can install this package using the command below:

	$ go get

* Testing the Library

A number of tests and lint related recipes are provided in the Makefile, if
you want to run the standard regression tests, you can excute the following:

	$ make check

In order to execute the 'make lint' recipe the 'golint' tool is needed, it
can be found at: