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libseccomp: Releases
* Version 2.5.0 - July 20, 2020
- Add support for the seccomp user notifications, see the
seccomp_notify_alloc(3), seccomp_notify_receive(3), seccomp_notify_respond(3)
manpages for more information
- Add support for new filter optimization approaches, including a balanced tree
optimization, see the SCMP_FLTATR_CTL_OPTIMIZE filter attribute for more
- Add support for the 64-bit RISC-V architecture
- Performance improvements when adding new rules to a filter thanks to the use
of internal shadow transactions and improved syscall lookup tables
- Properly document the libseccomp API return values and include them in the
stable API promise
- Improvements to the s390 and s390x multiplexed syscall handling
- Multiple fixes and improvements to the libseccomp manpages
- Moved from manually maintained syscall tables to an automatically generated
syscall table in CSV format
- Update the syscall tables to Linux v5.8.0-rc5
- Python bindings and build now default to Python 3.x
- Improvements to the tests have boosted code coverage to over 93%
- Enable Travis CI testing on the aarch64 and ppc64le architectures
- Add code inspection via
* Version 2.4.3 - March 4, 2020
- Add list of authorized release signatures to
- Fix multiplexing issue with s390/s390x shm* syscalls
- Remove the static flag from libseccomp tools compilation
- Add define for __SNR_ppoll
- Update our Travis CI configuration to use Ubuntu 18.04
- Disable live python tests in Travis CI
- Use default python, rather than nightly python, in TravisCI
- Fix potential memory leak identified by clang in the scmp_bpf_sim tool
* Version 2.4.2 - November 7, 2019
- Update the syscall table for Linux v5.4-rc4
- Stop defining __NR_x values for syscalls that don't exist. Libseccomp
now uses __SNR_x internally
- Update the Cython language level to "3str"
- Add support for io-uring related system calls
- Clarify the maintainer documentation and release process
- Fix python module name issue introduced in the v2.4.0 release. The module
is now named "seccomp" as it was previously
- Deliver the file in releases
* Version 2.4.1 - April 17, 2019
- Fix a BPF generation bug where the optimizer mistakenly identified duplicate
BPF code blocks
* Version 2.4.0 - March 14, 2019
- Update the syscall table for Linux v5.0-rc5
- Added support for the SCMP_ACT_KILL_PROCESS action
- Added support for the SCMP_ACT_LOG action and SCMP_FLTATR_CTL_LOG attribute
- Added explicit 32-bit (SCMP_AX_32(...)) and 64-bit (SCMP_AX_64(...)) argument
comparison macros to help protect against unexpected sign extension
- Added support for the parisc and parisc64 architectures
- Added the ability to query and set the libseccomp API level via
seccomp_api_get(3) and seccomp_api_set(3)
- Return -EDOM on an endian mismatch when adding an architecture to a filter
- Renumber the pseudo syscall number for subpage_prot() so it no longer
conflicts with spu_run()
- Fix PFC generation when a syscall is prioritized, but no rule exists
- Numerous fixes to the seccomp-bpf filter generation code
- Switch our internal hashing function to jhash/Lookup3 to MurmurHash3
- Numerous tests added to the included test suite, coverage now at ~92%
- Update our Travis CI configuration to use Ubuntu 16.04
- Numerous documentation fixes and updates
* Version 2.3.3 - January 10, 2018
- Updated the syscall table for Linux v4.15-rc7
* Version 2.3.2 - February 27, 2017
- Achieved full compliance with the CII Best Practices program
- Added Travis CI builds to the GitHub repository
- Added code coverage reporting with the "--enable-code-coverage" configure
flag and added Coveralls to the GitHub repository
- Updated the syscall tables to match Linux v4.10-rc6+
- Support for building with Python v3.x
- Allow rules with the -1 syscall if the SCMP_FLTATR_API_TSKIP attribute is
set to true
- Several small documentation fixes
* Version 2.3.1 - April 20, 2016
- Fixed a problem with 32-bit x86 socket syscalls on some systems
- Fixed problems with ipc syscalls on 32-bit x86
- Fixed problems with socket and ipc syscalls on s390 and s390x
* Version 2.3.0 - February 29, 2016
- Added support for the s390 and s390x architectures
- Added support for the ppc, ppc64, and ppc64le architectures
- Update the internal syscall tables to match the Linux 4.5-rcX releases
- Filter generation for both multiplexed and direct socket syscalls on x86
- Support for the musl libc implementation
- Additions to the API to enable runtime version checking of the library
- Enable the use of seccomp() instead of prctl() on supported systems
- Added additional tests to the regression test suite
* Version 2.2.3 - July 8, 2015
- Fix a problem with 'make check' on 32-bit ARM systems
* Version 2.2.2 - July 6, 2015
- Fix a problem with the masked equality operator
- Fix a problem on x86_64/x32 involving invalid architectures
- Fix a problem with the ARM specific syscalls
- Fix a build problem when the source and build directories differ
* Version 2.2.1 - May 13, 2015
- Fix a problem with syscall argument filtering on 64-bit systems
- Fix some problems with the 32-bit ARM syscall table
- Fix build problems on very old systems
- Update the README file with the GitHub and Google Groups information
* Version 2.2.0 - February 12, 2015
- Migrated the build system to autotools
- Added support for the aarch64 architecture
- Added support for the mips, mips64, and mips64n32 architectures for both big
and little endian systems
- Added support for using the new seccomp() syscall and the thread sync
- Added Python bindings
- Updated the internal syscall tables to Linux v3.19
- Added documentation to help contributors wishing to submit patches
- Migrated to GitHub for git hosting and Google Groups for the mailing list
- Numerous minor bug fixes
* Version 2.1.1 - October 31, 2013
- Build system improvements
- Automated test improvements, including a "check" target for use by
packagers to verify the build
- Numerous bug fixes related to the filter's internal rule database which
affect those creating rules with syscall arguments
- Introduced tools to verify the style/formatting of the code, including a
"check-syntax" target for use by developers
- Non-public symbols are now hidden in the library
* Version 2.1.0 - June 11, 2013
- Add support for the x32 and ARM architectures
- Improvements to the regression tests, including support for live tests
- More verbose PFC output, including translation of syscall numbers to names
- Several assorted bugfixes affecting the seccomp BPF generation
- The syscall number/name resolver tool is now available to install
* Version 2.0.0 - January 28, 2013
- Fixes for the x86 multiplexed syscalls
- Additions to the API to better support non-native architectures
- Additions to the API to support multiple architectures in one filter
- Additions to the API to resolve syscall name/number mappings
- Assorted minor bug fixes
- Improved build messages regardless of build verbosity
- More automated tests added as well as a number of improvements to the test
* Version 1.0.1 - November 12, 2012
- The header file is now easier to use with C++ compilers
- Minor documentation fixes
- Minor memory leak fixes
- Corrected x86 filter generation on x86_64 systems
- Corrected problems with small filters and filters with arguments
* Version 1.0.0 - July 31, 2012
- Change the API to be context-aware; eliminates all internal state but breaks
compatibility with the previous 0.1.0 release
- Added support for multiple build jobs ("make -j8") and verbose builds using
the "V=1" build variable ("make V=1")
- Minor tweaks to the regression test script output
* Version 0.1.0 - June 8, 2012
- Initial release