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Jun 5, 2019
Testing docker hub autobuilds

@arkenoi arkenoi released this Jun 7, 2019 · 5 commits to master since this release

Hello! It is the first Seccubus release made by Glanc team. Mostly bug fixes.

Differences with 2.50


  • Integration tests ( and ssllabs) now only run when commits are merged into master
  • Switched from mysql-server to mariadb-server as a dependancy on Debian based systems
  • Online version check is now served from the main website

Bug Fixes

  • #678 - Works on Mojolicious 8 again
  • #680 - RPMs are now signed again
  • #685 - Test 54 did not initialize DB before test start
  • #686 - New key staplingRevocationStatus added to ssllabs scanner
  • #688 - RPM now requires openssl so fresh installs on EL listen on https too
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May 31, 2019
This is a development release
Jan 28, 2019


Dev release 2.51

@MrSeccubus MrSeccubus released this Nov 8, 2018 · 54 commits to master since this release

This release brings new Alpine based docker containers and fixes a compatibility issue with MySQL/MariaDB version 8 and above.

Differences with 2.48


  • Seccubus containers are now built based on Alpine
  • Minimal specialized docker containers available for front end, api, front end+api, perl and cron

Bug Fixes

  • Seccubus rpm's are now also being built for Fedora version 27 and 28
  • RPMs for Fedora version 25 depricated
  • Fixed building of supporting Centos v7 rpms
  • #585 - Added default credentials to the readme file
  • #660 - Sudo added to docker images
  • #655 - Shell set to /bin/bash for user seccubus
  • #662 - Fixing documentation typos
  • #673 - PERL5LIB set to /opt/seccubus for seccubus user via debian package
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@MrSeccubus MrSeccubus released this May 9, 2018 · 74 commits to master since this release

This release is fully compatible with the vulnerability management platform.

Differences with 2.46


  • Seccubus now support as a scanning platform
  • Added parsing of the ROBOT (bleichenbacher) attack to the SSLlabs scanner
  • Added a dev environment example config
  • Increased the size of the scannerparam field in the database

Bug Fixes

  • #635 - Hypnotoad path was set incorrectly in systemd startup script on CentOS 7
  • #642 - Updated readme to address how to run a scan on a running container
  • Fixed an error in the Docker examples in
  • Added zip to the docker image because it is needed for import/export
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Feb 12, 2018
Dev version to stop logrotate noise in prod (this time really)
Feb 12, 2018
Dev version to stop logrotate noise in prod
Dec 14, 2017


New dev release

@MrSeccubus MrSeccubus released this Dec 14, 2017 · 95 commits to master since this release

14-12-2017 - v2.46 - RedHat 7 / Centos 7 packages

This release adds RPM support for RedHat 7 and CentOS 7. Because Mojolicious and some of its dependancies were not available
as RPM on any of the standard repos for el7 we are also buildign these RPMs as part of our el7 build street now and are
pushing these packages to our repository. This makes tweaks like this one by @Ar0xA unneccasary.


  • Added support for RedHat 7 / CentOS 7 RPM packages. With the extra needed packages being added to

Bug Fixes

  • #588 - Fix Nmap Plugin ID leak (Thanks @alirezakv)
  • #589 - Fix OpenVAS scan execution bug with only 1 target defined (Thanks @alirezakv)
  • #603 - Nessus scan fails when pdf files cannot be exported (Thanks @Ar0xA)
  • #615 - Docker: when the database was on the data volume the database failed to start
  • #617 - Nikto scanner gives unintended error output
  • Theodoor Scholte fixed some typos in the scanner scripts (Thanks!)
  • Streamlined CircleCI unit testing

You can download the .deb Debian package and RPMs for Redhat / Centos 7 and Fedora via

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