Code Pulse is a real-time code coverage tool for penetration testing activities
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Code Pulse

Code Pulse is a code coverage tool that works on running programs in real time. It uses the bytefrog tracing framework to monitor your Java applications, and displays its findings on a web-based UI.

Build Status (master branch)


codepulse/ Contains the web app source.

distrib/ Contains files that are used to package up the entirity of Code Pulse into a native app, using node-webkit in place of a browser, and jetty to run the server. All third party dependencies are downloaded automatically within SBT at package time.

project/ Contains the SBT build definition.


  • Run SBT from this directory. Run container:start to start the webserver on localhost:8080
  • Eclipse Users:
    • Within SBT, run eclipse to generate Eclipse project files.
    • In Eclipse, import the generated projects to your workspace.


Code Pulse is made available under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file that accompanies this distribution for the full text of the license.