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checksum() example added in doc #691

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checksum() example added in doc

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Guillaume Valadon
Guillaume Valadon committed Jun 27, 2017
commit 10210cbe4ba2b1173c8eb3511cad1e296c696edd
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@@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
Calling Scapy functions

This section provides some examples that show how to benefit from Scapy
functions in your own code.

UDP checksum

The following example explains howto use the checksum() function to compute and
UDP checksum manually. The following steps must be performed:

1. compute the UDP pseudo header as described in RFC768
2. build an UDP packet with Scapy with p[UDP].chksum=0
3. call checksum() with the pseudo header and the UDP packet


from scapy.all import *

def pseudo_header(ip_src, ip_dst, ip_proto, length):
Return a pseudo header according to RFC768
# Prepare the binary representation of the pseudo header
return struct.pack("!4s4sHH", inet_aton(ip_src), inet_aton(ip_dst), ip_proto, length)

# Get the UDP checksum computed by Scapy
packet = IP(dst="", src="")/UDP()/DNS()
packet_raw = str(packet)
checksum_scapy = IP(packet_raw)[UDP].chksum

# Set the UDP checksum to 0 and compute the checksum 'manually'
packet = IP(dst="", src="")/UDP(chksum=0)/DNS()
packet_raw = str(packet)
udp_raw = packet_raw[20:]
phdr = pseudo_header(packet.src, packet.dst, socket.IPPROTO_UDP, len(udp_raw))

assert(checksum_scapy == checksum(phdr + udp_raw))
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@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ This document is under a `Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial

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