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A proof-of-concept log analysis tool for PKCS#11. The tool is able to identify several key-management attacks involving symmetric encryption operations.

This tool consists of three components:

  • a software layer that wraps the existing PKCS#11 library interface. The wrapper allows the instrumentation of selected API calls to record the operations executed by the underlying library. It also computes key fingerprints to solve the log analysis problem;
  • a logging facility to store the logs of each session in a central repository;
  • the analyzer that parses the logs generated by the first two components and performs the discovery of attacks aimed at leaking the value of secure keys.


Install OpenCryptoki

sudo apt install opencryptoki libopencryptoki-dev

start the pkcsslotd daemon and initialize the token with pkcsconf. Ensure to be in the pkcs11 group to run the command.

Enter directory src and type make to compile the tool. The wrapper will be compiled to in that directory.

Optionally, install gnutls-bin for p11tool. It allows to perform handy operations on PKCS#11 tokens. For instance, the command to list all the objects stored in the OpenCryptoki software token is the following:

p11tool --provider /usr/lib/pkcs11/ --list-all


To start an application with the PKCS#11 wrapper enabled you are required to run the logger in one terminal

$ ./analyser/

and load the shared object before any other library:

LD_PRELOAD=./ ./your_program

Log files are automatically saved to /tmp/apilogger/. Use the ./analyser/ to parse them and search fro attacks.

Experimental Tests

The tool ships with a suite of key-mangement attakcs that can be used to assess the detection capabilities of the approach.

The supported attacks are:

  • Wrap/Decrypt
  • Wrap/Unwrap
  • Re-Import
  • Distributed Wrap/Decrypt

In order to check the tool against a certain attack, start the test_attack binary and select the appropriate attack number.


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