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An NTLM Handler for Mongrel

This handler will handle NTLM authentication and leave the user's credentials in the environment for the app to read.

Using the handler

Create a custom route for your login action:

  # Custom route for NTLM authentication to prevent IE from authenticating POSTs to user_controller
  map.connect 'ntlm/login', :controller => 'user', :action => 'login'

Copy the contents of config and lib into your app's config and lib directories respectively, and invoke mongrel with the -S config/mongrel_ntlm.conf:

  $ mongrel_rails -S config/mongrel_ntlm.conf

The handler will then clear and then set two headers that your app can read:

  request.params['REMOTE_USER'] will contain the user's identity
  request.params['HTTP_X_MONGREL_PID'] will contain the mongrel pid to be doubly sure that REMOTE_USER was not injected by the user


This project is no longer being updated, as I no longer use Windows. Please try the following alternatives if you are having problems:
  * Alexey (snaury) has made a few fixes in his fork, give it a shot:
  * Glenn has written a detailed log of his installation and use of the plugin in his blog:
  * for the project that spawned this plugin, we ended up using the ISAPI Rewrite filter on IIS as a reverse proxy for plain vanilla mongrels:
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