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Second State

Fast, safe, portable & serverless. Deploy Rust functions in edge computing, Jamstack, SaaS and service mesh applications.


  1. A template project for building a database-driven microservice in Rust and run it in the WasmEdge sandbox.

    Rust 303 46

  2. dapr-wasm Public

    A template project to demonstrate how to run WebAssembly functions as sidecar microservices in dapr

    Rust 242 29

  3. A high-performance, secure, extensible, and OCI-complaint JavaScript runtime for WasmEdge.

    JavaScript 362 49

  4. SOLL Public

    SOLL is a new compiler for generate Ewasm from solidity and yul. See a demo here:

    C++ 372 25

  5. Jupyter Notebook 48 9


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