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Smart Contract Search Engine

100% Ethereum compatible

If you would like to set up a smart contract search engine one or more of your contracts on Ethereum, Ethereum Classic or any other Ethereum compatible network, please get in touch so we can get you up and running.

Easy to use API

You can now access all of the data within the smart contract search engine via a handy API called es-ss.js. This allows your DApp to query all information simply by writing a little Javascript or Node.js code.

Example of a DApp which uses the smart contract search engine and the API

General search

You can search for smart contracts on the blockchain without even installing a wallet or Chrome extension. Simply click "Search" to get all results, or type in contract addresses and text to filter the results. Search

Personalized search using predefined queries

If you want to take it a step further, you can download the CyberMiles Chrome Extension and intimately search the block chain in the context of your very own accounts. Here is a quick demonstration.

Pre defined queries

You can click any of the 3 pre defined queries. The results are based on the address in your browsers wallet (i.e. CyberMiles Venus Chrome Extension)

Demonstration address

Search using plain text

You can also search the system using plain text; for example try typing the words "Cup Cake" into the search box as shown below.

Demonstration address

Search using address

You can search the system using the address of:

  • a contract
  • an owner
  • a player
  • a winner

Demonstration address


Takes a link to a smart contract's raw ABI file and an RPC URL and then indexes all instances of that smart contract





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