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Learning WebAssembly, Rust, and Node.js

Brought to you by the Open source dev team at Second State. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Medium.

On the server side in Node.js

Node.js examples

Developers: Getting started building Rust + JavaScript hybrid apps for Node.js.

  • Rust's performance
  • WebAssembly's security and portability
  • JavaScript's ease-of-use

Quickstart: Fork this repository and start editing the source code files on GitHub. Learn more.

Hello World

Function input and return values

Passing and return values of arbitary types from Node.js to Rust

Calling Node.js functions from Rust

RSA public key encryption

Machine learning with k-means

Inside the web browser

Those examples demonstrate how to access WASM programs from the JS engine inside web browsers.

A basic example to perform numeric computation in WASM

An example to manipulate strings in a WASM program

Learning Rust

Getting started

Command line input and output