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SGKeychain — A class for working with the iOS keychain

Created and maintained by Justin Williams

What is SGKeychain?

SGKeychain is a class for working with the keychain on iOS and OS X. It has the following features:

  • Creating new keychain items
  • Fetching passwords from the keychain
  • Deleting items from your keychain
  • Supports keychain access groups for sharing a single keychain between multiple apps (not supported in the iPhone simulator)
  • Built for iOS 5/10.7 and above using automatic reference counting (ARC)
  • Unit tested

What's in the box?

SGKeychain includes:

  • The SGKeychain class itself.
  • A sample application that demonstrates how to use SGKeychain's main methods.


  • You will need to link your Xcode target with Security.framework in order to use SGKeychain.
  • SGKeychain is built using ARC. There are no plans to support reference counting.

Find this useful?

If you have found this useful, I'm always a sucker for receiving surprises from my Amazon wishlist.

If you do use SGKeychain in your app, please do contact me and let me know.

All The Other Stuff

Please report bugs, feature requests and whatnot using Github Issues and (even better) a pull request.

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