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Andromeda - Interactive Reverse Engineering Tool for Android Applications
C++ C
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Lasha Khasaia
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Andromeda makes initial reverse engineering work of Android applications bit faster and easier. Compared to other alternatives, it's written in C/C++ and has a noticeable performance advantage.



The tool is in the early development stage


Linux (or Windows Subsystem for Linux)


  • clang: apt install clang
  • libzip: apt install libz-dev
  • openssl: apt install libssl-dev
  1. Make a /bin folder inside the Andromeda folder
  2. Open Andromeda folder from Visual Studio Code and Navigate to /Andromeda/Andromeda.cpp
  3. Run C++ build active file (F1 -> Run Task -> clang++ build active file) (Ctrl + Shift + B)




Lasha Khasaia (@_qaz_qaz)


I've very limited experience with Android, so if you have time please contribute.


  • Document the tool
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