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I create makin to make initial malware assessment little bit easier for me, I think it's useful for others as well, It helps to reveal a debugger detection techniques used by a sample.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated: @_qaz_qaz

Note: Only supports x64 Supports x64 and x86. Works on Windows 10.

How does it work?

makin opens a sample as a debuggee and injects asho.dll(main module renames all dlls before injection), asho.dll hooks several functions at ntdll.dll and kernelbase.dll libraries and after parameters checkings, it sends the corresponding message to the debugger (makin.exe).

makin also generates a script for IDA Pro to set breakpoints at detected APIs.

At this moment, makin can reveal following techniques:



You can add more VM checks via editing checks.json file, without modification of the executable

That's all for now, you can add as much as you wish :)

External dependencies:

Note: You can use vcpkg for external dependencies.


  • [DONE] Use a disassembler such as capstone to hook little bit deeper and avoid simple hook checks.

  • [DONE] At this moment, makin does not support child processes.

  • [Partial] Add more tricks. Add more tricks.

  • [DONE] x86 support

  • [DONE] hook kernelbase.dll

  • [Partial] Add anti-vm, anti-emulation tricks detection

  • [DONE] Generate IDA Pro script to set BPs at detected APIs