Notification Service using NSQ as MQ.
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Jincor Backend Notify

This microservice is provide ability to notify the consumers through different methods.


Nsqd/Nsqlookupd to be installed (used for communication). Credentials for some of email providers: mailjet, mailgun (other in future). Other methods (sms, push, etc.) will be soon.

Best is to use a docker for environment.


  • npm install
  • npm run build

or if using docker:

  • docker build -t jincort/backend-notify:latest .


  • npm run serve

or if using docker:

  • docker run -e EMAIL_ENABLED=true -e NSQ_LOOKUPDS=nsqdlookupd:4060 jincort/backend-notify:latest



  • LOGGING_LEVEL Output level: debug, verbose, info, warn, error.

  • LOGGING_FORMAT Log format: text, json.

  • LOGGING_COLORIZE Colorize output: true, false.

  • NSQ_NSQDS Host for nsqd (nsqd1:4050,nsqd2:4050).

  • NSQ_LOOKUPDS Host for nsqlookupd (nsdlookupd1:4060,nsdlookupd2:4060).

  • EMAIL_ENABLED Set to true to enable email sender. Default false.

  • EMAIL_DRIVER Set email driver: dummy, mailjet, mailgun. Default is dummy output to console only.

  • EMAIL_TOPIC Customize nsq topic. Default:

  • EMAIL_CHANNEL Customize nsq channel. Default: default

Run several instances to process notifications in parallel.

Driver specific:

  • EMAIL_MAILGUN_APIKEY Mailgun api key

  • EMAIL_MAILGUN_DOMAIN Mailgun domain

  • EMAIL_MAILJET_APIKEY Mailjet api key