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Space ICO dashboard Frontend module

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This is frontend module of Space ICO Dashboard. Checkout backend here.

This web client can be used to connect Space Dashboard's backend. Currently it has the following functionality:

  1. Registration & Authorization
  2. Generation of Ethereum address upon user activation
  3. KYC verification using Jumio Netverify service and Sufti Pro service
  4. Token purchase
  5. Displaying Investor's transaction history
  6. All important actions are protected with 2FA (email or google authenticator) by integration with secret_tech Backend Verify service

For more info check API DOCS

How start application loacally?

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Install deps via $ yarn
  3. Set up env variables $ cp .env.example .env
  4. Up dev server locally $ yarn start
  5. Go to localhost:3000/auth/sign-in

How to build application for production?

Webpack generate static dist directory with production build of app. You just need serve it with your server like nginx.

  1. $ yarn
  2. $ cp .env
  3. $ yarn build or $ yarn build:clean clean build remove previous build directory
  4. $ yarn serve start local webserver to see results

Commit hooks

That boilerplate uses pre-commit hooks and run some scripts before making git commit. To see what is started before commit check package.json pre-commit block. Default - yarn lint:all and yarn test. To ignore the check, use -n e.g git commit -n -m 'Your amazing commit msg'.

Environment variables

cp .env.example .env - copy example dotenv file and specify your own values in .env

You can use different environment variables. Create .env.stage, and and copy the file you need.

To access values inside application call console.log(process.env).

Server api mocks

By default api mocks are turned on. To use real server api you have to set API_HOST environment variable.


yarn start - start application in development mode

yarn build - build application into /dist directory

yarn build:clean - remove prev /dist and build application

yarn serve - serve /dist directory. Requires build application before run

yarn lint:js - run eslint

yarn lint:css - run stylelint

yarn lint:all - run eslint and stylelint concurrently

yarn test - run jest

yarn test:coverage - jest coverage

yarn test:watch - jest in watch mode

yarn analyze - analyze webpack bundle

LICENSE @ secret_tech