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MOON Wallet

Moon Wallet Frontend module

GitHub (pre-)release Build Status license

This is frontend module of Moon Wallet. Checkout backend here.

This web client can be used to connect MOON's backend. Currently it has the following functionality:

  1. Registration & Authorization
  2. Register any Token by specified contract address
  3. Generate and manage multiple Ethereum wallets by one account
  4. Transfer ETH / ERC-20
  5. Transferring is protected by payment password
  6. Displaying transaction history for ETH/ERC-20
  7. Notification management
  8. All important actions are protected with 2FA (email or google authenticator) by integration with Jincor Backend Verify You can disable some kind of verifications as well.

For more info check API DOCS

Moon Wallet Screenshot

Technology stack

  1. React & Redux & Saga.
  2. Webpack

How start application loacally?

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. $ yarn
  3. $ cp .env.example .env
  4. $ yarn start
  5. Go to localhost:3000/auth/sign-in

How to build application for production?

Webpack generate static dist directory with production build of app. You just need serve it with your server like nginx.

  1. $ yarn
  2. $ cp .env
  3. $ yarn build

Environment variables

cp .env.example .env - copy example dotenv file and specify your own values in .env

You can use different environment variables. Create .env.stage, and and copy the file you need.


yarn start - start application in development mode

yarn build - build application into /dist directory

yarn build:clean - remove prev /dist and build application

yarn serve - serve /dist directory. Requires build application before run


LICENSE @ secret_tech