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🕶️A list of awesome things related to Globally Unique Identifiers
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A list of awesome things related to Globally Unique Identifiers. Sorry if this whole idea is a bit mis-guid-ed.


Used Guids MUST Be Added To This Folder


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the chances of collision?

If every human on Earth worked as a GUID generator, and they spent their entire working life generating guids at one guid per second, without even stopping for lunch, then by the time every human on earth had retired, the chances of a collision would be about 50%.

  • Do guids make the best database identifiers?


  • Should you put GUIDs in URLs?

Dont Put Guids in URLs


Pronunciation Guide

  • Goo-id or gwid. You decide.

Twitter Accounts for Lovers of the Guid

  • @usedguid: 100% guids 100% of the time.
  • @everyguid: tweeting every globally unique identifier.
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