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UK bird classifier

This is a pre-trained inception v3 tensorflow model that should be able to correctly classify common UK birds.

What can it detect:

Good question, there are two models currently, (look in the models folder.) largeBirds4.pb is trained on many many more species of birds, with a slight drop in accuracy, where as ukGarenModel.pb is trained on only 12.

The data I've trained this model on is fairly specific. All animals were closely cropped, this means that to get good results you'll need to make sure that your image you wish to classify is side on and quite big.

The list of animals that ukGardenBirds.pb has been trained on are:

  1. Gray Squirrels
  2. Crow (carrion and rook)
  3. Wren
  4. Wood pidgeon
  5. House sparrow
  6. Magpie
  7. Blackbird (male and female, although female is less well defined in the model)
  8. Chaffinch
  9. Dunnock
  10. Song Thrush
  11. Robin (male and female)
  12. Cats

LargeBirds4 however has many more species it can detect:

  1. pheasant
  2. grey partridge
  3. wren
  4. black restart
  5. grey heron
  6. yellow wagtail
  7. starling
  8. goldfinch
  9. stock dove
  10. jackdaw
  11. squirrel
  12. great tit
  13. jay
  14. long tailed tit
  15. crossbill
  16. collared dove
  17. house sparrow
  18. mistle thrush
  19. chaffinch
  20. wood pigeon
  21. bullfinch
  22. coal tit
  23. pied wagtail
  24. blackheaded gull
  25. meadow pipit
  26. treecreeper
  27. bluetit
  28. lesser whitethroat
  29. turtle dove
  30. grey wagtail
  31. dunnock
  32. reed bunting
  33. swift
  34. ring necked parakeet
  35. green woodpecker
  36. siskin
  37. stonechat
  38. waxwing
  39. rook
  40. chiffchaff
  41. cuckoo
  42. house martin
  43. spotted flycatcher
  44. nuthatch
  45. cat
  46. pied flycatcher
  47. swallow
  48. great black backed gull
  49. blackbird
  50. crested tit
  51. lesser spotted woodpecker
  52. robin
  53. herring gull

This should cover most common birds in your garden.

How to run

First you need to make sure that Tensorflow is installed

Then once you have cloned this repo, run:


which will classify any pictures in the "testImages" folder

The script "" is just the example from tensor flow, and has no special magic to make it run (apart from the blackbox that is TF...)


I have not included the dataset, as I don't own the copyright. However if you wish to obtain a copy, please get in touch

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