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A tool to keep passwords and other secrets out of automation scripts.
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The SecretHub CLI provides the command-line interface to interact with SecretHub.

SecretHub is a developer tool to help you keep database passwords, API tokens, and other secrets out of IT automation scripts.


$ secrethub write path/to/secret
Type in your secret: ************************  

$ cat config.yml.tpl
db_user: myapp
db_password: ${path/to/secret:latest}

$ cat config.yml.tpl | secrethub inject
db_user: myapp
db_password: LEYkTdMCksCVMc4X3gpYN0fk

See the reference docs for a detailed overview of all commands.

Get started

1. Download the CLI.

Official distributions are available for Linux, macOS, and Windows for both 386 (32-bit) and amd64 (64-bit) architectures.

Check out the installation guide for detailed instructions on how to install the SecretHub CLI on your platform of choice.

2. Run signup

Run signup to claim your free developer account:

secrethub signup

And you're done. Follow the getting started guide for a brief introduction into the basics of SecretHub.

Getting help

Come chat with us on Discord or email us at


Pull requests from the community are welcome. If you'd like to contribute, please checkout the contributing guidelines.


To build from source, having Golang installed is required. To build the binary in the current directory, run:

make build


To install the binary in the GOBIN directory, run:

make install


Run all tests:

make test

Run tests for one package:

go test ./internals/secrethub

Run a single test:

go test ./internals/secrethub -run TestWriteCommand_Run
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