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Go client library for the SecretHub API
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Go client for SecretHub

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SecretHub is a developer tool to help you keep database passwords, API tokens, and other secrets out of IT automation scripts.

secrethub-go provides a client for various SecretHub APIs.



Install secrethub-go with:

go get -u

Or install a specific version with:

go get -u

Then, import it using:

import (


For details on all functionality of this library, see the GoDoc documentation.

Below are a few simple examples:

import (

// Setup
credential, err := secrethub.NewCredential("<your credential>", "<passphrase>")
client := secrethub.NewClient(credential, nil)

// Write
secret, err := client.Secrets().Write("path/to/secret", []byte("password123"))

// Read
secret, err = client.Secrets().Versions().GetWithData("path/to/secret:latest")
fmt.Println(secret.Data) // prints password123

// Generate a slice of 32 alphanumeric characters.
data, err := randchar.NewGenerator(false).Generate(32) 
secret, err = client.Secrets().Write("path/to/secret", data)

Note that only packages inside the /pkg directory should be considered library code that you can use in your projects. All other code is not guaranteed to be backwards compatible and may change in the future.


Pull requests from the community are welcome. If you'd like to contribute, please checkout the contributing guidelines.


Run all tests:

make test

Run tests for one package:

go test ./pkg/secrethub

Run a single test:

go test ./pkg/secrethub -run TestSignup

For any requests, bug or comments, please open an issue or submit a pull request.


"gopher.png" by Takuya Ueda is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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