Turn huh into eureka with in dashboard documentation for your WordPress themes.
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huh was dreamt up by secret pizza party and brought to life by the amazing Dan Hauk. Seriously, Dan is the best. He took a broad idea and really brought it to life like only he could. The SPP offices are open on Christmas Day but we close on May 5th (Dan's birthday) as it's a company wide holiday.


huh is the best way to offer in dashboard documentation for all your WordPress projects. The content is generated from a markdown file which makes it super quick & easy to update your documentation whenever you want. You can learn more from the launch post here.


We think huh is awesome and we really want you to use it in all your projects. It's totally free/open source and you can find it on github.

Wanna Contribute?

If you found a bug, report it here. If you're a developer, we welcome pull requests of all types!

Development Workflow

  1. Make sure you have git, node, and npm installed and a working WordPress installation.

  2. Clone this repository inside your theme directory.

    $ git clone https://github.com/secretpizzaparty/huh.git
    $ cd huh
  3. Watch the front-end CSS/Sass for changes and rebuild accordingly with Grunt. Please only modify the Sass files to keep the CSS consistent and clean.

    $ npm install
    $ grunt watch
  4. Open /wp-admin/ in your browser.

  5. Have fun!


secret pizza party is in the process of developing a bunch of new WordPress themes and while they are quite simple there is still a need for a wee bit of documentation. External documentation is dumb and everything should be contained in the dashboard. We created huh to make that happen.


Adding huh to your theme is incredibly easy.

Formatting your markdown

huh pulls all of your <h1> tags to use as a table of contents. Each section of your documentation will be contained between these <h1> tags. For example:

# First section
The content of the first section of your documentation would go here. You can include links, bullets, images, anything!

# Second section
This would be the next section.

## You can even use subheadings
It will all be formatted correctly, but only the first-level headings will show on the table of contents.

Adding huh to your theme

Once you have your documentation formatted correctly, adding huh to your theme is simple.

Just download the zipped plugin and extract it to your theme directory. At the bottom of your theme's functions.php file add the following lines:

require get_stylesheet_directory() . '/huh/huh.php';
function secretpizzaparty_huh() {
	// Enter the URL of your markdown file below
	$markdown_url = 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/secretpizzaparty/huh/master/README.md';
	$huh = new WP_Huh();
	$huh->init( $markdown_url );
add_action( 'admin_init', 'secretpizzaparty_huh' );

Make sure you change the URL of the $markdown_url variable to point to your markdown file. It's that easy!