2. Installation

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Some Assumptions

You know Linux/Unix. You can troubleshoot errors, you can install packages, and read some code.
Not like this person: DON'T DO THIS

Installation is easy, you'll need the following tools:

A *nix computer: tested on kalix 32/x64, Ubuntu, Mac OSX, FreeBSD, Debian


python-pip (or get pefile directly)


pefile: the most current PeFile Google Code

Capstone: 'next' branch Capstone GitHub

Pssst: See below before downloading.


A. First you need the the BDF github repo:

git clone https://github.com/secretsquirrel/the-backdoor-factory

B. Next you'll install stuff:

cd the-backdoor-factory

sudo ./install.sh

^^This installs the correct repo for Capstone (including the python bindings) and uses pip to install pefile.

C. You should be done!*

If you can't install BDF, you shouldn't be using it.**

**Getting Help

Sometimes things change, Capstone can change, PeFile can change. Hell, I can do a 4 AM commit after a night of tying one off.

Either way, if you feel you are competent with a computer submit a bug report either on GitHub or IRC.

How to do that: 1. What OS are you using, specifically (uname -a)

  1. The entire error message. Everything.

  2. Whether or not you ran the install script.