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Section documentation at


The website is built with Hugo.

Make sure you have Hugo installed on your system.

If you are using macOS and Homebrew, you can set up your development environment by running:

brew bundle --file=Brewfile.development


Clone the repository and all the needed bits by running:

git clone --recursive

(We use a Hugo theme, which lives as a git submodule under themes/)

Local dev

Start a local instance of the website by running:

hugo server

The output will tell you what port the website is running on, but it should almost always be running at http://localhost:1313/

Hugo will automatically rebuild and reload the website when you make changes.

Publishing changes

Make your changes locally, then submit a PR on GitHub.


To create a build environment, run:

make build

To generate the static site, run:

make generate

This will build the site and publish the output into public/.

To deploy the site to production, run:

make deploy

Changes are deployed by the Jenkins roughly every 5 minutes.

The version of Hugo used to build the production site is in the Dockerfile.

You can inspect the build environment by running:

make inspect