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Forked from

The aim of this fork is to cleanup the codebase to allow hacker to easily add their tweaks.

  • config.h: the pin configuration for your board.
  • EBBParser: parser interface for the EBB protocol.
  • EBBHardware: implement the necessary methods to interpret the events and drive the 2 steppers + servo

To compile it, either use platformio or the Arduino IDE. For the Arduino IDE, the VarSpeedServo librarie need to be installed first.


Arduino Firmware for Eggbot / Spherebot with Inkscape-Integration

Version 1.6a tested with Inkscape Portable 0.91, Eggbot Extension and patched

Regards: Eggduino-Firmware by Joachim Cerny, 2015

Thanks for the nice libs ACCELSTEPPER and SERIALCOMMAND, which made this project much easier. Thanks to the Eggbot-Team for such a funny and enjoyable concept! Thanks to my wife and my daughter for their patience. :-)


  • Implemented Eggbot-Protocol-Version 2.1.0
  • Turn-on homing: switch-on position of pen will be taken as reference point.
  • No collision-detection!!
  • Supported Servos: At least one type ;-) I use Arduino Servo-Lib with TG9e- standard servo.
  • Full Arduino-Compatible. I used an Arduino Uno
  • Button-support (3 buttons)

Tested and fully functional with Inkscape.


  • Upload Eggduino.ino with Arduino-IDE or similar tool to your Arudino (i.e. Uno)

  • Disable Autoreset on Arduinoboard (there are several ways to do this... Which one does not matter...)

  • Install Inkscape Tools wit Eggbot extension. Detailed instructions: (You yust need to complete Steps 1 and 2)

  • Because of an bug in the Eggbot-extension (Function findEiBotBoards()), the Eggduino cannot be detected by default. Hopefully, the guys will fix this later on. But we can fix it on our own. It is quiete easy:

      - Go to your Inkscape-Installationfolder and navigate to subfolder .\App\Inkscape\share\extensions
      - open File "" in texteditor and search for line:
      	"Try any devices which seem to have EBB boards attached"
              - comment that block with "#" like this:
              		# Try any devices which seem to have EBB boards attached
      		# for strComPort in eggbot_scan.findEiBotBoards():
      		#	serialPort = self.testSerialPort( strComPort )
      		#	if serialPort:
      		#		self.svgSerialPort = strComPort
      		#		return serialPort
      - In my version lines 1355-1360


Arduino Firmware for Spherebot / Eggbot integration in Inkscape




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