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Port of TodoMVC app using CanJS and RequireJS
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config for ReguqireJS updated to not use shim, which is not needed, b…

…ecause CanJS already support AMD - Thanks to Justin Meyer (core CanJS member)
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TodoMVC + CanJS + RequireJS

Port of the original CanJS TodoMVC app for using RequireJS mostly written in Coffeescript.

Screen shot

screen shot of the app

Local installation

  • Open Terminal (Node.js is required)

    clone git://
    cd todomvc-canjs-requirejs-coffeescript/build
    npm install
  • Open http://localhost:9999

More information

Check out "Modular TodoMVC app with CanJS and RequireJS" on WS-Blog for more information


Initial code written by Bitovi as part of TodoMVC

Refactored by Jens Krause // WEBSECTOR.DE

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