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Kick-off presentation

Project Description

The goal of this project group is to build a Jimple language server which uses the language server protocol to integrate feautures like go to definition, find all references for the intermediate language Jimple into different IDE tools.

Work Packages

  • WP1 Implementation of prerequisite for Jimple language analyzers

-- tba.

  • WP2 Implementation of Jimple lanugage server

  • WP3 (Optional) Change Jimple and write out to bytecode/sourcecode again

    • At least annotations have to be added to Jimple to render it a comprehensive Java representation

Project Organization

Everything should be self-organized in a project group. You should always keey in mind that you (your project group) are like a company that wants to provide a final solution to its customer (us - the Sofware Engineering Group).

This means:

  • you have lots of freedom for design decisions, however, your final "product" must satisfy our requirements.
  • it is your task to find good solutions for problems.
  • the supervision work of us is always based on discussions to revise short-term goals or requirements for your final "product"

We should make sure that extensibility, modularity and stability are core requirements for us!

Mandatory sessions: we will give a serie of sessions including talks & workshops in the first semester of the project group. Attendance is mandatory for all students in this project group. The sessions are:

  • Workshop on soot (time: tba)
  • Workshop on LSP (time: tba)
  • etc. tba


There will be regular milestone presentations (every 2-3 months). You have to provide the following documents which describe your work for each milestone and give a presentation for each document.

  • Project plan
  • Intermediate report
  • Final report (at the end)
  • User manual both in pdf and github wiki (at the end)
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