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KubeCon NA 2019 CTF Guide

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Attacking and Defending Kubernetes Clusters: A Guided Tour

Offline Viewing

To take this guide with you:

  • Install git and a recent build of Docker.
  • "Fork" this repo.
  • "Clone" this repo.
  • Run make dockerbuild to build the container.
  • Run make serve to launch the guide in docker.
  • Visit localhost:8080 to browse the guide offline.

About the Author(s)

  • @tabbysable has been a hacker and cross-platform sysadmin since the turn of the century. She can often be found teaching network offense and defense to sysadmins, system administration to security folks, bicycling, and asking questions that start with "I wonder what happens if we..."
  • @petermbenjamin is a Software Engineer with a background in Information Security and a co-organizer for the San Diego Kubernetes and Go meet-ups. He has a passion for enabling engineers to build secure and scalable applications, services, and platforms on modern distributed systems.
  • @jimmesta is a security leader that has been working in AppSec and Infrastructure Security for over 10 years. He founded and led the OWASP Santa Barbara chapter and co-organized the AppSec California security conference. Jimmy has taught at private corporate events and security conferences worldwide including AppSec USA, LocoMocoSec, SecAppDev, RSA, and B-Sides. He has spent significant time on both the offense and defense side of the industry and is constantly working towards building modern, developer-friendly security solutions.
  • @BradGeesaman loves helping others improve the security of their Kubernetes clusters and supporting cloud environments. He has recently spoken at KubeCon NA 2017, NA 2019, and NA 2020, and EU 2020 on Kubernetes security and has over 5 years of experience building, designing, and delivering ethical hacking educational training scenarios.