@securesocketfunneling securesocketfunneling released this Nov 17, 2017 · 16 commits to develop since this release

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  • Rename executables:
    • ssfc -> ssf
    • ssfs -> ssfd
  • #46 Automatic client reconnection:
    • Max unsuccessful connection attempts before stopping (--max-connect-attemps)
    • Time to wait before attempting to reconnect (--reconnect-delay)
    • Do not try to reconnect client if connection is interrupted (--no-reconnect)
  • #39 Windows XP support (use -T vXXX_xp CMake option)
  • #14 SOCKS proxy support (no authentication), cf. configuration file
  • Refactor ssfcp:
    • Attempt to resume file transfer if the destination file exists (--resume)
    • Copy files recursively (-r)
    • Max transfers in parallel (--max-transfers)
    • Check file integrity at the end of the transfer (--check-integrity)
  • Remove -b client command line option (replaced by circuit configuration file key)
  • Improve build system (cf. BUILD_WIN32.md, BUILD_UNIX.md, BUILD_CROSS.md)
  • ARM build
  • Use msgpack library instead of boost serialization
  • Refactor logs (use spdlog library)
  • Refactor command line (use cxxopts library)

Fixed bugs:

  • #32 SOCKS v5 microservice
  • #35 Use reuse_addr socket option on ssfd and listener microservices (stream_listener, datagram_listener)
  • Improve memory management
  • Improve client and server stability

Configuration file:

  • #41 Add user agent configuration for HTTP proxy (http_proxy.user_agent key)
  • Allow TLS parameters as buffers (tls.ca_cert_buffer, tls.cert_buffer, tls.key_buffer, tls.dh_buffer keys)
  • Move circuit configuration into configuration file (circuit key)
  • Add an option to save command line arguments (arguments key)