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import argparse
import collections
import king_phisher.constants as constants
import king_phisher.spf as spf
import king_phisher.client.mailer as mailer
import king_phisher.client.plugins as plugins
import king_phisher.client.gui_utilities as gui_utilities
import dns.rdtypes.ANY.TXT
import dns.resolver
TAGS = {
'adkim': 'r',
'aspf': 'r',
'fo': '0',
'p': None,
'pct': '100',
'rf': 'afrf',
'ri': '86400',
'rua': None,
'ruf': None,
'sp': None,
'v': None
A dictionary of all tags defined in RFC-7489 with their default value as a
string, or None if no default value is specified.
class DMARCError(Exception):
def __init__(self, message):
self.message = message
def __repr__(self):
return "<{0} message='{1}' >".format(self.__class__.__name__, self.message)
class DMARCNoRecordError(DMARCError):
class DMARCParseError(DMARCError):
def __init__(self, message, tag=None):
self.message = message
self.tag = tag
class DMARCPolicy(object):
def __init__(self, record):
record = record.strip()
self.record = record
self.tags = collections.OrderedDict()
record = record.split(';')
# the tag specification is defined in the DKIM spec (RFC 6376)
for token in record:
token = token.strip()
if not token:
if not '=' in token:
raise DMARCParseError('can not separate record token: ' + token)
tag, value = token.split('=', 1)
if tag not in TAGS:
# ignore unknown tags per
self.tags[tag.strip()] = value.strip()
if 'p' in self.tags and self.tags['p'] not in ('none', 'quarantine', 'reject'):
raise DMARCParseError("invalid dmarc record (invalid policy: {0})".format(self.tags['p']), tag='p')
if self.version is None:
raise DMARCParseError('invalid dmarc record (missing version tag)', tag='v')
if self.version != 'DMARC1':
raise DMARCParseError("invalid dmarc record (invalid version value: {0})".format(self.version), tag='v')
def __repr__(self):
return "<{0} v={1} >".format(self.__class__.__name__, self.version)
def __str__(self):
return self.record
def from_domain(cls, domain):
if not domain.startswith('_dmarc.'):
domain = '_dmarc.' + domain
answers = dns.resolver.query(domain, 'TXT')
except dns.exception.DNSException:
raise DMARCNoRecordError("DNS resolution error for: {0} TXT".format(domain))
answers = list(answer for answer in answers if isinstance(answer, dns.rdtypes.ANY.TXT.TXT))
answers = [answer for answer in answers if answer.strings[0].decode('utf-8').startswith('v=DMARC')]
if len(answers) == 0:
raise DMARCParseError('failed to parse dmarc record for domain: ' + domain)
record = ''.join([part.decode('utf-8') for part in answers[0].strings])
return cls(record)
def get(self, tag):
if not tag in TAGS:
raise KeyError(tag)
return self.tags.get(tag, TAGS[tag])
def policy(self):
return self.tags.get('p')
def version(self):
return self.tags.get('v')
class Plugin(plugins.ClientPlugin):
authors = ['Spencer McIntyre']
classifiers = [
'Plugin :: Client :: Email :: Spam Evasion',
'Script :: CLI'
title = 'DMARC Check'
description = """
This plugin adds another safety check to the message precheck routines to
verify that if DMARC exists the message will not be quarentined or rejected.
If no DMARC policy is present, the policy is set to none or the percentage
is set to 0, the message sending operation will proceed.
homepage = ''
reference_urls = ['']
req_min_version = '1.5.0'
version = '1.1'
def initialize(self):
self.signal_connect('send-precheck', self.signal_send_precheck, gobject=self.application.main_tabs['mailer'])
return True
def signal_send_precheck(self, mailer_tab):
test_ip = mailer.guess_smtp_server_address(
(self.application.config['ssh_server'] if self.application.config['smtp_ssh_enable'] else None)
if not test_ip:'skipping dmarc policy check because the smtp server address could not be resolved')
return True
test_sender, test_domain = self.application.config['mailer.source_email_smtp'].split('@')
self.logger.debug('checking the dmarc policy for domain: ' + test_domain)
text_insert = mailer_tab.tabs['send_messages'].text_insert
text_insert("Checking the DMARC policy of target domain '{0}'... ".format(test_domain))
spf_result = spf.check_host(test_ip, test_domain, sender=test_sender)
except spf.SPFError as error:
text_insert("done, encountered exception: {0}.\n".format(error.__class__.__name__))
return True
dmarc_policy = DMARCPolicy.from_domain(test_domain)
except DMARCNoRecordError:
self.logger.debug('no dmarc policy found for domain: ' + test_domain)
text_insert('done, no policy found.\n')
return True
except DMARCError as error:
self.logger.warning('dmarc error: ' + error.message)
text_insert("done, encountered exception: {0}.\n".format(error.__class__.__name__))
return False
self.logger.debug("dmarc policy set to {0!r} for domain: {1}".format(dmarc_policy.policy, test_domain))
text_insert('Found DMARC policy:\n')
text_insert(' Policy: ' + dmarc_policy.policy + '\n')
text_insert(' Percent: ' + dmarc_policy.get('pct') + '\n')
if dmarc_policy.get('rua'):
text_insert(' RUA URI: ' + dmarc_policy.get('rua') + '\n')
if dmarc_policy.get('ruf'):
text_insert(' RUF URI: ' + dmarc_policy.get('ruf') + '\n')
if spf_result == constants.SPFResult.PASS:
return True
if dmarc_policy.policy == 'none' or dmarc_policy.get('pct') == '0':
return True
if dmarc_policy.policy == 'quarantine':
message = 'The DMARC policy results in these messages being quarantined.'
elif dmarc_policy.policy == 'reject':
message = 'The DMARC policy results in these messages being rejected.'
text_insert('WARNING: ' + message + '\n')
ignore = gui_utilities.show_dialog_yes_no(
'DMARC Policy Failure',
message + '\nContinue sending messages anyways?'
return ignore
def main():
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='DMARC Check Utility', conflict_handler='resolve')
parser.add_argument('domain', help='the name of the domain to check')
arguments = parser.parse_args()
policy = DMARCPolicy.from_domain(arguments.domain)
print('record: ' + policy.record)
print('version: ' + policy.version)
print('policy: ' + policy.policy)
if __name__ == '__main__':