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import king_phisher.client.plugins as plugins
import king_phisher.client.gui_utilities as gui_utilities
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
except ImportError:
has_bs4 = False
has_bs4 = True
class Plugin(plugins.ClientPlugin):
authors = ['Mike Stringer']
classifiers = ['Plugin :: Client :: Email :: Spam Evasion']
title = 'Message Plaintext'
description = """
Parse and include a plaintext version of an email based on the HTML version.
homepage = ''
options = []
req_min_version = '1.10.0'
version = '1.0'
req_packages = {
'bs4' : has_bs4
def initialize(self):
mailer_tab = self.application.main_tabs['mailer']
self.signal_connect('message-create', self.signal_message_create, gobject=mailer_tab)
self.signal_connect('send-precheck', self.signal_send_precheck, gobject=mailer_tab)
return True
def signal_message_create(self, mailer_tab, target, message):
html_part = next((part for part in message.walk() if part.get_content_type().startswith('text/html')), None)
if html_part is None:
self.logger.error('unable to generate plaintext message from HTML (failed to find text/html part)')
return False
text_part = next((part for part in message.walk() if part.get_content_type().startswith('text/plain')), None)
if text_part is None:
self.logger.error('unable to generate plaintext message from HTML (failed to find text/plain part)')
return False
soup = BeautifulSoup(html_part.payload_string, 'html.parser')
plaintext_payload_string = soup.get_text()
for a in soup.find_all('a', href=True):
if 'mailto:' not in a.string:
plaintext_payload_string = plaintext_payload_string.replace(a.string, a['href'])
text_part.payload_string = plaintext_payload_string
self.logger.debug('plaintext modified from html successfully')
def signal_send_precheck(self, mailer_tab):
if 'message_padding' not in self.application.plugin_manager.enabled_plugins:
return True
proceed = gui_utilities.show_dialog_yes_no(
'Warning: You are running a conflicting plugin!',
'The "message_padding" plugin conflicts with "message_plaintext" in such a way '\
+ 'that will cause the message padding to be revealed in the plaintext version '\
+ 'of the email. It is recommended you disable one of these plugins, or append '\
+ 'additional line breaks in the HTML to conceal it.\n\n' \
+ 'Do you wish to continue?'
return proceed