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@wolfthefallen wolfthefallen released this Sep 24, 2019

  • Add support to select visible columns for tables in the Campaign tab
  • Add support for printing pipenv running output in real time
  • Windows build will now install PyPI requirements for plugins during installation
  • Multiple bug fixes

MSI Build Hashes:

md5: 7b31e812bbb5cff462d8fc6c1ab147b4
sha1: ae460a46b985a55c9e704006dee12341acd00858
sha512: 9edff03aeb4755780f6f7c0b8fc926e80e1495b996e42d7a0572ecb63d42e2c0de17d597c26e3d8106b22e7e7703bf51ab034c95b38933a603b593641bae992f
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