@wolfthefallen wolfthefallen released this Jun 6, 2017 · 375 commits to master since this release

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  • Warn Python 2.7 user that this is the last release Python 2.7 will be supported
  • The Windows MSI Build is now in Python 3.4
  • Install script now supports Red Hat Server 7
  • Support the client on OS X by using Docker
  • Support for issuing certificates with acme while the server is running
  • Add a wrapping tool for certbot to make the process easier
  • Updated tools/cx_freeze.py to build the King Phisher client in Python 3.4
  • Updated documentation for the Windows build
  • Multiple Bug Fixes, and tweaks to make things run smoother

MSI Build Hashes:

md5: 7cd7379597f43015d0f5972821c607c7
sha1: 3ed770dedd0bfce12b443e2fd1e40e90cf1f54e7
sha512: 199f81dee0cffb29d5b1d441f798e2271f4bbdf6a11aa618123aa41b14e2d9970b1af3db77a1fefb0cc553ed33def57923e7f9c4d921a8e779c072f6d3b3ff77