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@wolfthefallen wolfthefallen released this Nov 22, 2017 · 655 commits to master since this release

  • Support resetting plugins options to their respective defaults
  • Moved Office 2007+ metadata removal to a new plugin
  • Added support for installing plugins from remote sources through the UI
  • Added timeout support for SPF DNS queries
  • Support for installing on Arch Linux
  • Multiple server improvements
    • Upgrade AdvancedHTTPServer to v2.0.11 to support async SSL handshakes
    • Support using an include directive in the server configuration file
    • Added a request-handle signal for custom HTTP request handlers
    • Removed address support from the server config in favor of addresses
    • Support login as an alias of the username parameter for credentials

MSI Build Hashes:

md5: 156b51730e03f0a23c4bb9dc9826d09d
sha1: f126824cec862ed6431f81f12e5995f0a95c9346
sha512: e4a4d3ba34d2072345c46904bc7424846044840604619d217798428e1a3ca7193562c84d6838f17157f86ed2861f941dbaa71b73117e47e48566fff33c00d800
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