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Python 3

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Upgrading to Python 3

As the new versions of our supported operating systems are coming out shortly, Python 2 will also be phased out. Upgrading to Python 3 is a fairly simple process which can be done by running a few simple commands. But first, make sure King Phisher is up to date and Python 3 is installed. Python 3.3 is the minimum supported version for Python 3.x.

Upgrade Process Process

Before getting started, back up the server configuration file and database.

The following steps can be followed to upgrade an installtion of King-Phisher to Python3.

  1. Run the provided tools/ script as root with no arguments. This will cleanup all files outside of the King Phisher directory while leaving the database and the directory itself.

  2. Update the King Phisher directory with git using the command git pull.

  3. Run the provided tools/ script as root. If PostgreSQL is already setup and installed, the prompt to install PostgreSQL can answered with "no".

  4. After the install script has completed successfully, restore the backed-up server configuration file and restart the service with systemctl restart king-phisher.

Verifying the Upgrade

By running either the client or server with a log level of DEBUG one of the first lines logged to the console will include the full version of King Phisher as well as the version of Python with which it is running. This can be used to verify that King Phisher has successfully been installed with Python 3.

Example version log line:

./KingPhisher -L DEBUG
DEBUG    king phisher version: 1.5.1-beta (rev: XXXXXXXX) python version: 3.5.1
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