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Red Team PowerShell Script
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RedRabbit is a PowerShell script aimed at helping pentesters conduct ethical hacking #RedTeam. The aim is to highlight just how Powerful PowerShell is and how it can be used against you (Ethically).

To Run

You can either run locally by downloading the script or run remotely using:

powershell –nop –c “iex(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘’)”

If you run remotely, you will always get the latest version


Option info and help can be found here:

Recent Update

  • Edit Local Host For SMB Relay (Redirect share to attacker IP)

  • Probe For SMB Shares

  • RedRabbit now checks for admin session and tries to query AD to check if Domain Admin.

  • Password extraction (SAM/SYSTEM File, Credential Manager and Wireless Profiles)

  • Encode Commands

  • Run Encoded Commands

  • Azure Feature has now been added!


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