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The All In One Script!
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The All In One Script!

Securethelogs.ps1 contains all of my scripts and allows remote execution of them all.

Current modules:

-- Securethelog Scripts: --

  • Option 1: PSpanner - Network Scanner
  • Option 2: PSdnsresolver - Resolve IP > DNS
  • Option 3: Bluechecker - Audit Powershell
  • Option 4: PSBruteZip - Brute Force ZIP Files
  • Option 5: Powersosh - Search For Usernames Online (OSINT)
  • Option 6: ZorkAzure - Scan For Azure Resources

-- Other Options: --

  • Option 7: Get Kerberos Ticket
  • Option 8: Enter Remote Powershell Session (WinRM)

To Run: You can either run locally or by running:

powershell –nop –c “iex(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(‘’)”

For any feedback or comments, speak to me on Twitter: @securethelogs

Enjoy! :)

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