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Node.js library for SecurionPay API

Build status


npm install securionpay

Quick start

var api = require('securionpay')('sk_test_mysecretkey')

    email: '',
    description: 'User description'
}).then(function(customer) {
    return, {
        number: '4242424242424242',
        expMonth: '12',
        expYear: '2020',
        cvc: '123',
        cardholderName: 'John Smith'
}).then(function(card) {
    console.log('ID of created card object: ',;
}).catch(function(e) {
    // handle errors here

Bluebird is used as Promise library ( ).

Preferring callbacks? All methods accept callback as their last argument. Promise is not returned when passing callback.

    email: '',
    description: 'User description'
}, function(err, customer) {
    if(err) {
        // handle error
    } else {
        // handle response

API reference

When params is one of method arguments please refer to detailed API docs (linked) for all available fields


To connect to different backend:

var api = require('securionpay')('sk_test_mysecretkey', {
    url: '' // without trailing slash

To run unit tests and check test coverage:

npm test
npm run check-coverage

To run integration tests:

PRIVATE_KEY=sk_test_mysecretkey npm run integration-test

To run integration tests against environment other than default:

PRIVATE_KEY=sk_test_mysecretkey URL= npm run integration-test


For further information, please refer to our official documentation at