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FOSDEM 2015 Security Devroom organization and information
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Security Devroom @ FOSDEM'15

FOSDEM 2015 had, once again, a security devroom, this time on the topic of "Hardware and Software isolation mechanisms".

The security devroom was held on Sunday 1st of February 2015 in Brussels, Belgium at ULB room S.AW1.120 from 09:00 to 17:00.

Our topic this year

As complex software tends to have bugs, methods to contain the damage from a potentially serious bug (e.g., code injection, leak of memory contents) are required. While such methods have been known and available for a long time (HSMs and smart cards, privilege separation), it is surprising that an attack like heartbleed required the revocation of the private keys of a large part of the Internet. For that reason Hardware and Software isolation mechanisms that could mitigate such attacks, are again on the line, and the main theme of this devroom.




Organizers & contact


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