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Security experts you can trust

Our security experts keep the lights on—and design them, too. The GitHub Security Team is here to protect your data and address your concerns.

Security team - three people build a puzzle together

Our teams

Application Security

We identify, fix, and prevent security issues across the GitHub platform through security design review, automated and manual code assessment, and developer education.

Governance Risk and Compliance

Our audit, compliance, and risk efforts focus on your experience. We work with Legal, Sales, Support, and Engineering to address your team’s risk considerations.

Incident Response

Our comprehensive threat detection program provides investigation, response, and coordination for all security incidents at GitHub.

Platform Health

The systems and tools we build and manage keep GitHub spam-free, detect problems, and help us stay one step ahead of abuse.

Product Security

We build the security features and services GitHub engineers need to build secure systems—and mitigate the severity of security issues when they occur.

Security Operations

We develop and manage systems and tools to protect GitHub infrastructure and systems—and most importantly, user data.

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