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A node.js client that makes it easier to work with the Hackerone API
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Hackerone - Node Client

A Hackerone client written in Node.js to make life easier when interacting with the Hackerone API.

How to Use:


npm install hackerone-client --save

Create the client object using your Hackerone API key and key name:

var HackeroneClient = require('hackerone-client');

const Hackerone = new HackeroneClient(process.env.HACKERONE_API_KEY,

Get a specific report:

const reportDetails = await Hackerone.readReport("519221");

Query for all reports in the program:

const reports = await Hackerone.queryReports('lifeomic');

Query for reports using filters:

//Available filters to choose from:

const additionalFilters = {
        "filter[reporter][]": "randomdeduction",
        "filter[swag_awarded_at_null][]": "true"

const reports = await Hackerone.queryReports('lifeomic',


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Hack away
  3. Create a new pull request


Jesse Kinser

  • H1: randomdeduction
  • Twitter: @securitybites
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