A simple tool with the power of "Go" to find the hidden Vhosts defined at the server.
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A simple tool by securitydiots with the power of "Go" to find the hidden Vhosts defined at the server. Many times there are hidden virtual hosts defined at server side, without a DNS entry. Such hosts could not be directly found because our machine will query the DNS server to resolve the host to an IP, since the DNS record is not there, it will fail.

Using this tool we can resolve our host to a particular server IP.


  1. There is no other good option to quickly look for virtual hosts.
  2. I Decided to check out Golang and do a practice project.
  3. The community have taugh me a lot, I thought may be I can do some good for others.

How to use

Use vhost_buster -h to view help screen.


example image

It will show the first result infinityworriortest as the base result of the server response. If the response change next time, it will again show you the virtual host in output.


Either copy the release in your working directory of your Linux machine and enjoy.


  1. Install Golang
  2. Setup Paths
  3. Install "github.com/imroc/req" Library
  4. Install "github.com/vbauerster/mpb" Library
  5. Compile the provided code.
  6. Enjoy hunting :)

ToDo List

  1. Create a Todo list :P.


You are very welcome to suggest me further functions/update. Feel free to create issues if required.

Happy hunting Catch me @securityidiots