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The project is a network operating system and software distribution based on OpenBSD which is developed and maintained by Halon Security. New systems are deployed by downloading a software image. The easiest way to update existing systems is to perform an automatic update from within the product's administration.

New major versions can contain configuration syntax changes which might render a previously working configuration invalid, and thus affect the operation of the system after an update. We therefore urge all users to perform such updates with caution; take a snapshot if running it as a virtual machine, or at least backup the plain-text configuration and monitor the update on the screen/console, so that you can perform recovery or roll back to an older software version, if necessary.

If you need to rollback you can choose version for your serial number.

There is an RSS feed available.



  • Bug Fix regression since 6.6 with multiple VLAN interfaces


Release on 2019-12-16

  • New Based on OpenBSD 6.6
    • New bpe IEEE 802.1Q (PBB) interface
    • Support for Intel Ethernet 700 series via ixl
    • Support for Mellanox ConnectX-4/5/6 via mcx
    • The relayd load balancer supports SNI and binary checks
    • Multiprocessor (SMP) improvements
  • Imp Compiled with Clang 8.0.1
  • Imp Web administration now uses PHP 7.3
  • Dep OpenBSD 6.6 has disabled mobileip in the generic kernel


Released on 2019-01-07

  • New Based on OpenBSD 6.4
    • Support for Broadcom BCM573/4xx and Microchip USB 3.0 Ethernet via bnxt and mue
    • New rad daemon for IPv6 Router Advertisement that replaces KAME rtadvd
  • Imp Support for new LACP options mode passive and timeout fast
  • Imp Compiled with Clang 6.0.0
  • Imp Added new Diffie–Hellman (DH) to IKE IPsec page
  • Dep The default BGP filter action was changed from allow to deny


Released on 2018-08-23


Released on 2018-07-04

  • New Based on OpenBSD 6.3
    • Improved network performance thanks to less locking
    • New syncookies option in firewall
    • Support for Intel Cannon Lake and Ice Lake integrated Ethernet
    • New efi driver for EFI runtime services
    • Mitigation for Meltdown vulnerability for Intel CPUs
  • Imp Compiled with Clang 5.0.1
  • Imp Support for syspatch and fw_update
  • Imp Reordering firewall rules in web administration
  • Bug Fix bug where dhcp6-* didn't log properly
  • Bug Fix bug in web administration with DHCP reserved hosts
  • Bug Fix regression since 6.2 where some driver firmware wasn't loaded


Released on 2018-03-28

  • New Based on OpenBSD 6.2
    • OpenBSD is compiled with Clang 4.0.0
    • Support for Hyper-V StorVSC
    • Improved network performance thanks to less locking
    • Uses new slaacd daemon for IPv6 autoconfiguration
  • Imp Ability to run multiple bgp in different routing domains
  • Imp Support running dhcp-server on multiple interfaces in different routing domains
  • Imp Support dhcp6-client on pppoe interfaces
  • Imp Support routing domains on dhcp6-client and dhcp6-server
  • Imp Support pppoe interfaces on vlan interfaces
  • Bug Fix bug where pppoe interface's route would always be in routing table 0
  • Bug Fix regression since 3.6 where router solicitation always enabled IA-NA
  • Bug Fix regression since 6.1 where dhcpd would log to stderr instead of syslog


Released on 2017-09-30

  • Bug Fixed regressions with vlan and trunk interface configuration
  • Bug Applied 6.1 errata up to #029


Released on 2017-06-22


Released on 2017-04-15

  • Imp More options in software update
  • Bug Fixed subscription license issue with VPN reload
  • Bug Don't start NTP in cluster domain unless it exists
  • Bug Fixed regressions in the new Bootstrap interface (IPsec, DHCP, and more)
  • Bug Applied 6.0 errata up to #014


Released on 2016-10-13

  • Imp Simplified provisioning, such as initialising a storage disk non-interactively
  • Bug Applied 6.0 errata up to #011


Released on 2016-09-20

  • New Based on OpenBSD 6.0
    • SMP improvements in AES-NI and network stack
    • MSI-X on VirtIO
    • W^X is strictly enforced
    • Support for new hardware, including NVMe and GPIO controllers
  • New Mobile-friendly web administration based on Bootstrap


Released on 2016-05-31

  • Bug Fixed regression since 3.7 (pledge-related) where some programs aborted because of TZ path
  • Bug Applied 5.9 errata up to #009, including CVE-2016-2105 to 9


Released on 2016-04-25

  • New Based on OpenBSD 5.9
    • SMP network stack improvements
    • Xen paravirtualizion support
    • Initial IEEE 802.11n wireless support
    • New etherip Ethernet tunneling (RFC 3378) interface
    • New pair Ethernet encapsulation interface
    • New EIGRP routing daemon
    • IPv6 support for pflow (NetFlow) transport
    • IKEv2 interoperability with OS X El Capitan
    • Support for new hardware, including network adapters from Intel and Realtek
  • Imp Ability to enable/disable clustering (sasyncd) without restarting IKE daemons
  • Bug Prevent SIGPIPE when doing cleartext IKE packet capture in isakmpd
  • Dep Moved ikev2 to separate ike { context for more accurate validation


Released on 2015-11-20

  • New Based on OpenBSD 5.8
    • New MPLS pseudowire driver mpw
    • Many improvements to BGP, OSPF and LDP (MPLS)
    • The same network range can now be assigned to multiple interfaces
    • MTU of VLAN devices can now be set independently from the parent interface's MTU
    • Jumbo frames on PC Engines' APU and Halon's HSR-603
    • Support for the NX bit on i386 for better W^X enforcement
    • Support for new hardware, and improved network drivers
  • New VPLS (layer 2) MPLS support
  • New Interface route priority
  • Imp Uses AUTOCONF6 for router solicitation instead of rtsold
  • Dep The default Diffie-Hellman group from IKEv1 has been changed to modp3072 (15)


Released on 2015-07-30

  • New Firewall (pf.conf) editor got support for new syntax such as prio, queue, etc
  • New New "basic" (non-JavaScript) firewall editor which is much faster when working with large rulesets
  • Bug Regressions (since 3.5) in the first-run config disk population and pkg_* settings resolved


Released on 2015-05-27

  • New Based on OpenBSD 5.7 with many improvements, such as
    • The load balancer (relayd) supports source-hash for L3 (redirections) and SNMP
    • BIND has been removed, use unbound instead
    • nginx has been replaced with OpenBSD's own httpd
    • Support for new hardware, and improved network drivers
  • Imp The firewall page loads faster with many rules
  • Imp Automatic firewall rule sorting has been replaced by a "Sort" button
  • Bug Make clusterd and configure UTF-8 aware, to prevent corruption of non-ASCII
  • Bug Empty persistent tables were overwritten by the firewall page
  • Bug Fix issue on web admin's IPsec page with quoted strings containing syntax tokens
  • Dep The load balancer has renamed the "ssl" keyword to "tls"
  • Dep The load balancer is TLSv1.2 only by default, you need to manually enable other protocols


Released on 2015-03-19

  • New Added support for LLDP
  • New Added support for vether interfaces
  • Sec Patched OpenSSL in regards to security advisory as of 19 mar 2015
  • Bug Bug on load balancing page with "pftag"
  • Bug Regression in the HTTPS SOAP API (since 3.4)
  • Dep gmt0 was renamed to utc in SOAP API


Released on 2015-01-12

  • Imp Backup (cluster) nodes can use NTP (ntpd) even without working egress IP, via cluster port
  • Bug Web admin server regression; now uses nginx


Released on 2014-12-11

  • New Based on OpenBSD 5.6
  • Reverse proxy (match ... forward to) support in the load balancer
  • Support for new hardware, including network adapters from Broadcom and Realtek
  • Imp Add SIP proxy to interface page
  • Imp Support searching logs larger than 2 GB
  • Bug Fixes regression on load balancer status page
  • Bug Fixes issue when loading/reloading isakmpd
  • Bug Fixes issue with dhinfod
  • Bug Fixes issue with router advertisement and DHCPv6 with some clients


Released on 2014-08-11

  • Bug Re-configure IKE daemon (isakmpd) if it crashes and is restarted by the watchdog
  • Bug Mitigate a threading issue, to prevent rare dead-locks during startup and reconfiguring


Released on 2014-06-09

  • Sec Fix OpenSSL CVE-2014-0195, 2014-0221, 2014-0224 and 2014-3470
  • Imp Removed deprecated browser-specific CSS3 options (Mozilla, Opera)
  • Imp Enable auto-scroll on keypress in web terminal
  • Bug Allow more than 1000 items to be saved (PHP introduced input data limit)
  • Bug Update firmware boot data on OpenBSD 5.0 systems to prevent boot issue


Released on 2014-05-13

  • New Based on OpenBSD 5.5
  • New Added VXLAN to grammar and web admin
  • New Supports new hardware such as
    • VMware's VMXNET3 network interfaces and paravirtual SCSI
    • VirtIO's paravirtual SCSI and random number devices
    • Many new Intel platforms and NICs, such as the AES-NI capable Atom C2000
  • PC Engine's APU
  • Imp Support copy-pasting directly into web admin's HTML5 terminal
  • Imp Accurately choose a local IPsec endpoint address to send probe pings from
  • Imp Ed25519 SSH signatures
  • Imp Allow omitting pflow (NetFlow/IPFIX) sender address
  • Bug Fixes an issue where the IKE daemon isakmpd wouldn't run with many addresses configured
  • Bug Do not use cluster rdomain for updating on active cluster nodes without default route
  • Bug Fixes an issue where the VPN server npppd could fail to start


Released on 2014-04-08

  • Bug Patched OpenSSL "heartbleed" vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160)


Released on 2014-04-03

  • New Route priorities
  • New Add reserved host from DHCP lease page
  • Imp Load balancers on front page in web admin
  • Imp Show cancel URL when testing a commit
  • Imp Ping with LAN addresses if a tunnels local endpoint is
  • Imp Warn about pflow protocol 9 soon being deprecated
  • Bug Web admin failed to set IKE phase 2 mode to none
  • Bug Basic setup erased aliases if having multiple IPs
  • Bug isakmpctl capture could fail to show decrypted packets
  • Bug Cluster push configuration button were broken
  • Bug System could run out of bpf interfaces


Released on 2014-01-08

  • New Added x-superuser login class
  • Imp Added skeleton file for the DHCP server
  • Imp Support running router solicitation, syslog and NTP in routing domains
  • Imp Allowed web terminal to poll backend even when browser tab is in background
  • Imp Added more IPv6 auto-configuration settings to web administration
  • Imp Strip last dot from DHCPv6 search domain
  • Imp Various minor improvements
  • Bug Don't announce SLAAC prefixes when running a DHCPv6 server
  • Bug Resolved issue when filtering logs based on firewall label on amd64
  • Bug Resolved ping-from-self through NAT issue
  • Bug Resolved issue when moving VLANs from an unconfigured interface


Released on 2013-11-08

  • New Based on OpenBSD 5.4
  • New Router advertisement (v6) can announce DNS
  • Imp Router advertisement doesn't announce prefix if DHCP managed
  • Imp Sandboxed SSH server
  • Imp Disabled private SNMP community by default
  • Imp Various minor improvements
  • Bug Issue with load balancer's host page when using IPs in relays


Released on 2013-11-01

  • New Buy feature licenses from within product's interface
  • New Support for new HSR-603 model
  • New Support for reset button on HSR-1204 and ALIX
  • Imp Real-time decrypted IKE packets (isakmpctl capture)
  • Imp Simplified and unified DHCP page
  • Imp Support temperature sensors in ALIX
  • Imp Firewall supports interface addressing and DNS in DHCP/BGP setups
  • Imp Use bidirectional IPsec flows by default
  • Imp Better validation of FQDNs as DHCP hosts
  • Imp Make HTTP/SSH servers and pflow support routing domains
  • Imp Require both sender and server for pflow interfaces
  • Imp Various minor improvements
  • Bug HTTP server didn't respect rsa-key and x509-certificate
  • Bug Scrolling didn't always freeze
  • Bug SSL was checked when adding new load balancer listeners
  • Bug Couldn't type @ in web terminal
  • Bug Do not create sessions for unauthorized web admin clients


Released on 2013-09-02

  • Bug Management interfaces couldn't be disabled on administration page
  • Bug IKE lifetime wasn't maintained on IPsec page
  • Bug Tables was printed with an extra semi-colon on firewall page
  • Bug NTP client didn't use updated name servers (for example DHCP)


Released on 2013-08-09

  • Imp Gracefully discard invalid host names in vApp deployment
  • Bug Warning on front page if no graphs are available
  • Bug XML warning on non-VMware system's interface page


Released on 2013-08-07

  • Imp Support new HSR-1200 series hardware
  • Bug Support non-standard gateway IP in update firmware
  • Bug No longer consume VMware channels without vApp
  • Bug Handle configuration without groups on firewall page
  • Bug Various minor bugs fixed


Released on 2013-07-29

  • New Network setup guide in OVF (VMware vCenter)
  • Imp Minor web administration improvements
  • Bug Disabled SMP due to threading regression in OpenBSD 5.3


Released on 2013-07-24

  • Imp Restructured CLI menu
  • Imp Subscription licenses are more tolerant to connectivity issues
  • Imp Faster boot by disabling floppy drives in kernel
  • Imp Minor web administration improvements
  • Bug Could generate invalid VPN server configuration, regression


Released on 2013-07-15

  • New New IKE debugging tool (isakmpctl)
  • Imp Support for VIA temperature sensors
  • Imp Perl modules needed by pkg_add included
  • Bug Cluster failed to detect successful synchronizations


Released on 2013-07-10

  • New Based on OpenBSD 5.3 (with patches from head)
  • New Support for KVM Virtio para-virtualized drivers
  • New Added load balancer methods; least states, source hash, random
  • New Support for NetFlow 9 and 10 (IPFIX) in pflow
  • New Temperature sensors on graph page
  • Imp Added IPsec lifetime to plain-text configuration and interface
  • Imp Added DHCP server options 66 and 67
  • Imp Allow DHCP relay on CARP interface
  • Bug Only allow valid advbase values
  • Bug NTP client reload fixes


Released on 2013-06-28

  • Imp Load balancer (relayd) performance improved
  • Imp Graphs page display load balancer names
  • Imp IPsec IKE tunnels page displays DH group number
  • Imp Firewall page removes outer brackets on lists without space
  • Bug Load balancer page didn't display correctly if name ended with a digit
  • Bug Load balancer (relayd) didn't support more than 20 relays
  • Bug Cluster discovery (hdpd) don't exit when missing serial


Released on 2013-05-31

  • Imp PPTP proxy timeout increased
  • Imp Load balancer page lists available listen addresses
  • Imp Internet failover doesn't require load balancer license
  • Imp Terminal emulator page input improved
  • Bug Load balancer page didn't handle multiple listeners and SSL
  • Bug License page's link to renewals didn't work


Released on 2013-05-21

  • Imp System disks are grown to disk's size (CF, etc) into new data partition
  • Imp Buffered software update without storage disk on grown systems
  • Imp Support 1000base* on Intel's SFP+
  • Imp Interface descriptions on graphs page
  • Imp Ability to change CARP password from interface page
  • Imp Sort DHCP leases based on lease times
  • Imp Web terminal's input synchronised
  • Imp Support sis interfaces
  • Imp Improved Ethernet media handling
  • Imp Allow svlan (QinQ) on trunk (LAG) interfaces
  • Imp Reserved DHCP hosts excluded from ranges
  • Bug IPsec labels such as "to host" was interpreted as a resolvable hostname
  • Bug Graph daemon statd warned about full disk too many times


Released on 2013-04-11

  • New Mirror (SPAN ports) on bridges
  • Imp Keep logs and graphs when rebooting if using a storage disk
  • Imp Faster software updates (writes data to disk asynchronous)
  • Imp Flush all GRE states when enabling the PPTP proxy
  • Imp storageupdate has support for explicit (IPv) -4 and -6
  • Bug Max addresses on bridges wasn't configurable in web administration
  • Bug Load balancer's wizard was to strict on detecting potential conflicts


Released on 2013-03-11

  • New New model VSR-Lite available for purchase
  • New Support for PC Engine's ALIX system boards
  • Imp VPN servers support search domain and routes for Apple OSX and iOS clients
  • Imp Other minor improvements
  • Bug dhsyncd would fail to start if any carp interface was down


Released on 2013-02-25

  • New New CLI command replace-swap in configure
  • Imp Support for Dell R320
  • Imp Edit buttons in tables
  • Imp Support rdomain and proxy-arp in cluster activation
  • Imp Other minor improvements


Released on 2013-02-20

  • Imp Support for more Broadcom NICs
  • Imp Other minor improvements
  • Bug Could not enable free mode (VSR-Free) without serial


Released on 2013-02-05

  • Imp VLAN on trunk interfaces
  • Imp Suppress repeated cluster errors
  • Imp Other minor improvements
  • Bug When configuring partial date and time


Released on 2012-12-14

  • New Microsoft Hyper-V support
  • New Ability to use additional disk as storage for logs, etc
  • New Ability to update with verification using storage disk
  • Imp Improved performance during commit/test
  • Imp Question on drain/flush load balancer node pausing
  • Imp Changed Subversion format to FSFS
  • Imp Improved loading time on firewall page with many rules
  • Imp Overall improvements
  • Bug IP ranges in macros on firewall page
  • Bug Load balancer wizard didn't work with missing statement
  • Note Reserved routing domain 239-255


Released on 2012-11-21

  • New The proxy-arp makes it possible to use LAN network in VPN server
  • Imp Cluster (hdpd) keeps information about dead hosts
  • Imp Improved macro/table presentation on Network > Firewall
  • Imp Many load balancer improvements
  • Proper source-tracking per redirect
  • Summarise statistics for multiple "listen on"
  • Ability to enable/disable hosts in all relays/redirects
  • Creates automatic rules for relays (tagged relayd)
  • Wizard for adding relays and redirects
  • User interface for global settings
  • MIB for traps
  • Imp User interface for SNMP settings on System > SNMP
  • Bug Fixed problem when renaming duplicate macros/tables
  • Bug Exports on Configuration > Revision management named properly
  • Bug Fixed issue with statd removing graphs when redirects is down


Released on 2012-10-25

  • Imp Allow more than 4 VPN server groups by creating /dev/tunX dynamically
  • Imp Visual noise when displaying all rulesets on firewall page removed
  • Imp Permit hyphens in the host part in FQDNs (search-domain and host-name)
  • Imp Other minor improvements


Released on 2012-10-22

  • New Real-time graphs
  • New Graphs for firewall states
  • New Login banner in web administration
  • New Highlight text in CLI output with | mark
  • Imp Forwarding (firewall/routing) performance improved
  • Imp Ability to configure DNS, routes, etc per VPN group
  • Imp Always allow DHCP on VPN interfaces for dhinfod to work
  • Imp Shortcuts to rule and state statistics on Firewall page
  • Imp Better logging when using SOAP's commandRun
  • Imp Go directly to deploy/diff when saving on clear-text page
  • Imp Ability to restore the terminal using CLI's "reset"
  • Imp Display line numbers of configuration error page
  • Imp Firewall page now visually renders more protocols
  • Imp Less obstructive reloading of VPN server
  • Imp Other minor improvements
  • Bug Bug in PHP/CURL's DNS reloading remedied
  • Bug Memory leak in UUID generation
  • Bug Invalid netmask displayed as on basic setup page


Released on 2012-09-25

  • Imp Web admin settings for VPN-server client routes
  • Imp Usability improvements
  • Bug Real-time firewall log issue resolved


Released on 2012-09-24

  • New: VPN-server (L2TP/PPTP) supports client routes
  • Bug: Issue with IPsec 3DES key generation button resolved


Released on 2012-09-10

  • New VPN-server (L2TP) NAT-T support
  • New VPN-server (L2TP/PPTP) DNS suffix support
  • New Replaced configure "diff" with new "compare" command
  • Imp Various graphical usability improvements
  • Bug Saving a firewall macro with multiple items resulted in duplicate brackets
  • Bug L2TP passphrase not saved when editing existing server


Released on 2012-09-02

  • New VSR-Free, a free license
  • New License subscription, option to automatically downloads license keys
  • Imp CLI can install and remove license keys
  • Imp Log failed password attempts via HTTPS
  • Imp Added support for option 82 in the dhcp-relay
  • Bug Multiple negations on firewall page didn't render properly


Released on 2012-08-22

  • New DHCPv6 server, client and prefix delegation
  • New IPv6 router solicitation client
  • New User classes, including read-only users (login.conf)
  • New Web graph layout is customisable and auto saved
  • Imp Ability to renew DHCP leases
  • Imp Web improvements for Apple iOS and Microsoft IE 9
  • Imp Web terminal has better scroll-back
  • Imp Web shows disk usage on System > Hardware
  • Imp Changed system paths according to BSD defaults
  • Imp CLI parsing improved with quoted strings
  • Imp Web settings stored in HTML5 local storage
  • Imp Updated jQuery
  • Bug Resolved cluster memory leak in backend
  • Bug Resolved issue with /tmp getting full
  • Bug Resolved web cluster page script error
  • Bug Suppressed warning when confirming deployment
  • Bug Spelling corrections


Released on 2012-07-10

  • New Diagnostics > Terminal with full ANSI support
  • New Working copy allows for atomic apply of multiple changes
  • Imp Ability to tag configuration revisions with a message
  • Imp Ability to cancel a pending configuration test
  • Imp Network > Interface got statistics
  • Imp Network > Interface got PPPoE support
  • Imp Network > Firewall supports negation of addresses
  • Imp Network > Basic setup got PPPoE support
  • Imp Network > DHCP server lists connected clients (leases)
  • Imp PPPoE interface automatically adds routes and rules
  • Imp Welcome texts on first boot
  • Imp New layout on login screen
  • Imp Highlights save or warns about unsaved changes
  • Imp Validating function configCheck() in SOAP API
  • Imp Default arguments in SOAP API
  • Imp Command for showing licenses in CLI
  • Bug Now validates reserved DHCP host's name more strictly
  • Bug No longer kicked out of console when setting root password
  • Bug Resolved issue with dhsyncd causing sawtooth CPU usage


Released on 2012-06-11

  • Imp Support for ne (NE1000) interfaces (used by Parallels Desktop)
  • Imp Changed the fail-path when activating clustering
  • Bug Error on first page for un-configured interfaces resolved
  • Bug Issue when duplicating rules on the firewall page resolved


Released on 2012-06-08

  • New Introduced cluster support using SSL certificates
  • New Introduced PPPoE support
  • New Introduced RADIUS support for PPTP and L2TP server with groups
  • New Last ethernet interface automatically becomes cluster sync on installation
  • New Possibility to update a cluster node through other node via sync interface
  • New New replace command in CLI configure
  • New Load balancer shows statistics for layer 3 (redirects)
  • New Keyboard layout support for video consoles
  • Imp Internal IPC moved from TCP to Unix sockets for increased local security
  • Imp Firewall page supports "received-on" routing domains
  • Imp Friendly warning on password change in web administration
  • Imp DHCP server supports clustering
  • Imp DHCP server supports DHCP option 43
  • Imp Make DHCP server leases persistent across reboots
  • Imp Possibility to only change one of the DHCP range values
  • Imp Router advertisements supports clustering
  • Imp Basic setup displays unplugged cable correctly
  • Imp Support Intel 10/100 network cards (fxp)
  • Imp HTTPS server supports certificates and keys in configuration
  • Imp Renamed "cd" to "edit" in CLI configure
  • Imp License page more detailed explains license keys
  • Imp Overview page consumes less CPU
  • Imp Load balancer inherits default SSL certificate unless overridden
  • Imp Load balancer page layout improved
  • Imp Web browser cache is automatically flushed after software updates
  • Imp Users "admin" and "root" can force reboots from CLI
  • Imp Users "admin" and "root" can perform a factory reset from CLI
  • Imp Allowed all users to view packets in tcpdump from CLI
  • Imp License, copyright and credit page added under Help page
  • Imp Prevents users from removing themselves by mistake
  • Imp IPsec tunnel ping test works on /0 networks
  • Imp Hide shutdown button on hardware page by default
  • Bug Bug in tcpbench resolved (patch sent upstream)
  • Bug Display error on DHCP page resolved
  • Bug The PPTP proxy has issues with clients sending GRE too early
  • Bug Monotonic time were not always used for wake ups
  • Bug Change of order of some keys in configuration didn't triggering a commit
  • Bug Parsing error on load balancer page resolved
  • Bug Syslog didn't log with host name
  • Bug DHCP settings link on interface page didn't work for all interface types


Released on 2012-03-22

  • Bug DHCP relay regression issue resolved


Released on 2012-03-20

  • New Hardware detection for Halon HSR-1000


Released on 2012-03-16

  • New Load balancer user interface
  • New FTP proxy for NAT called interface X { ftp-proxy
  • New PPTP proxy for NAT called interface X { pptp-proxy
  • Imp Firewall user interface supports divert
  • Bug Load balancer stability issue patched
  • Bug Suppressed unnecessary interface-group events