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SipHash Core

(This repo has been moved from Gitorious.)


This is an implementation of the SipHash [1] keyed hash function in MOS 6502 assembler.

The purpose of the implementation is mainly to investigate how well the SipHash function can be implemented on small 8-bit processors with few registers and no support for 64-bit operations.


Simply load the key into the key registers k0 and k1, load the message block into m and then call compress for each block. Complete message processing by calling finalization. The resulting message digest will be in the v0 register.

Implementation notes

The complete code for SipHash requires 677 Bytes. Of these 407 comprises the SipHash round operation. The SipHash function uses 103 Bytes for data structurs. This inludes storage for key and message block.

The current implementation is neiter optimized for high speed nor compact size. There are several possiblities to make the implementation faster. Alternatively, by changing the macros into subroutines that are reused, the implemenation could be much smaller. This version is just a proof of concept.

The current implement performs SipHash compression in 4750 cycles or about 520 cycles/Byte. Total number of cycles for a single block message is about 15000 cycles.


  • Create a compact version.

  • Create a high speed version.

  • Calculate block processing in number of cycles.

  • Measure actual block processing time.


[1] J-P. Aumasson, D. J. Bernstein. SipHash: a fast short-input PRF.


Implementation of the SipHash keyed hash function in MOS 6502 assembler




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