Vagrant boxes for Puppet Trusted Facts demo
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PUG Vagrant

Vagrant boxes (using Docker containers) for Puppet Trusted Facts demo

Important: You need to clone the pug-puppet repo to some where on your machine first!


Copy the config.yaml.dist file to config.yaml and replace the location of the puppet repo with the absolute path to it on your file system then:

Firstly spin up the puppet-master as this is used by the other two nodes

vagrant up pug-puppet-master

then spin up the other two:

vagrant up pug-web-http
vagrant up pug-web-https

Instead of SSH'ing into them you simply use the docker exec command, like so:

docker exec -it pug-web-https /bin/bash

The two web nodes automatically know the IP of the Puppet Master so you can simply run:

puppet agent -t

to kick off a Puppet run and experiment from there

Port forwarding

http://localhost:80/ should point at the pug-web-http server https://localhost:443/ should point at the pug-web-https server