Why should smartphones get all the fun?
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Vim You, Autocorrect!

Why should smartphones get all the fun?

Find Vim’s commands for correcting spelling mistakes UNWIELDLY? Long for a solution that approaches the EASE-OF-USE and FOOLPROOF SOPHISTICATION of your phone’s autocorrect mechanism?

Look no further!

View the trailer at asciinema.org

Vim You, Autocorrect! HARNESSES the power of Vim’s 'spell' option, AUTOMATICALLY replacing spelling mistakes and typos as you type.

Just install in the usual way — manually or with your favourite plugin manager — and marvel at the BLEMISH-FREE prose that FLOWS onto your screen as your fingers DANCE over the keycaps.

For more details, type :help vim-you-autocorrect once installed, or SURF over to the documentation, right here on Github!